Well, here goes. About three days ago, I made the split second decision to create a blog based on books and writing. I have been interested in literature since a very young age; it is a well known fact that as a child I constantly had a book in my hand. I remember many Target trips with my mom where I would simply follow her through the aisles as I read. I loved writing stories and coming up with characters and backstories for games with my siblings. There was always a book on the corner of my desk in high school. I remember reading New Moon during my aunts wedding in 2007, only stopping during the ceremony. I loved reading anything I could get my hands on. My taste in books has changed over the years, but the love has grown. It has also expanded beyond novels: I have recently discovered my undying love for short stories and I have also gotten into autobiographies, poetry and more.

Now, if there is anything I love more than literature, it's talking about literature. I love lending friends books, discussing a new bestseller and giving people recommendations on what to read next. I love having heated debates about characters and twist endings. I want to blog about my reading in order to connect with even more people through the world of literature. No book was ever written to be read by just one person, so why should we go through the journey of reading alone?

My hope from all of this is simply that someone out there will be inspired to continue their reading journey by following mine.

Throughout the course of this blog, you'll see: what I'm currently reading, Top 10 lists, book reviews & recommendations, film adaptation reviews, my thoughts while trying to write my first book and much more.

I hope you'll stick around for it :)



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