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Best & Worst of 2020!

  Pictured above are ten books I read in 2020. Half I adored, half I am donating as soon as possible. Can you guess which books I loved and which ones I didn't?  2020 was a full year of reading for me - I read 40 books, the most I've ever finished in one year! Quarantine most definitely helped me achieve this goal, but the truth is simply that because I read so many amazing books, it was hard to stop  reading. I regret that I didn't blog as much as I wanted to - I only did about three posts before stopping until now. There wasn't any real reason for it. I was reading a lot and work was stressful and I put it to the side. I set out with this amazing goal of blogging every week and writing constant reviews of books and I just didn't. Life happened and every week I'd remember but I would consistently put it off, saying I'd do a post the next week. And then next week turned into 10 months later. I thought I'd make today the day to restart this journey! I sti

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